British Soccer Academy's

International Masterclass

Master Class 2019, St. Louis, MO

This July 20th,2019, the British Soccer Academy is introducing the very first “International Master class” to St. Louis, Missouri.

For the first time in the great city of St. Louis, world renowned professional Coaches and Scouts from the world’s biggest and best Premier League Soccer Clubs and European academies including Liverpool FC, Southampton FC and Tottenham Hotspurs, have teamed up with the British Soccer Academy to introduce to British Soccer Academy's  “International Master Class”.

                The “International Master Class” is a 3- day private master training camp instructed by elite Premier League Coaches. This event will allow youth soccer players ages 10-18 years old the chance to be trained at the highest level and have their talents exposed to the world! The program will provide intense, professional level training with a focus on technical, tactical and skill development, Fun, exciting training, while developing a child’s decision making amongst learning the science behind the beautiful game to develop athletes into all-around players.  The Coaches have designed the program to target strategic aspects of the game to maximize players’ strengths and help them reach their full potential! We also educate young athletes on the fundamentals of great nutritional choices.

                In the U.S. in 2018 alone, more than 5.8 million kids under the age of 18 played youth soccer. However, only approximately 75 players per year get opportunity to play at the NCAA level, and only approximately 1.4% of which ever make it to Major League Soccer drafts.

                Lead by Great Britain’s own, British Soccer Academy, the “International Master Class’ is already a success in South Florida and will now introduce this new concept and opportunity to the young athletes of St. Louis, MO. The “Master Class” is not only designed to provide the highest level of soccer training but also to provide the opportunity for young soccer players to showcase their talents to professional scouts who may invite the very best players for the chance to travel to Europe to “try-out” to play at a professional level with world known Youth Premier League Football Clubs! Also, British Soccer Academy will be inviting great players to travel to the U.K and Europe to compete in major soccer tournaments against some of the world’s best youth soccer clubs.

There are limited spaces available to participate in the “2019 International Master class” Register now to reserve your spot to take you career to the next level with this amazing opportunity!



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